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Welcome to Reboot 66®, the revolutionary new challenge that finally makes it simple, rewarding, and FUN to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

It all starts with our 9 Reboot Rituals – simple daily habits that have been scientifically-proven to help you get fitter, healthier, and happier. And because science says it takes 66 days for your mind to form a lasting habit, Reboot 66® will make sure you get results, and can actually maintain them!

We’ve cracked the code on your Metabolic Reboot, and it’s all about creating healthy habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s how it works

Accountability Tracker

The Reboot 66® App puts the power of our Metabolic Reboot® Program in the palm of your hand. We’ve made it simple to learn all about the 9 Reboot Rituals that power our program, and track your progress as you make them a part of your day.

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In minutes a day, you’ll be able to check your progress, and watch as your healthy lifestyle choices become easier over time using the Reboot 66® Accountability Tracker.

If an App isn’t for you, you can keep it “old school” by downloading the workbook version of our Metabolic Reboot® Program and 9 Reboot Rituals tracker.

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Keep yourself
on track

Track your ability to complete each of the 9 Reboot Rituals every day for 66 consecutive days.

You don’t need to complete all 9 every day to keep going (but we sure recommend it!). The most important step is to make and track a daily commitment, even if you don’t complete every ritual.

Miss a day on your tracker, and you’ll start over at Day 1!

Join the Community that wants you to win.

Clinical studies have shown that people who start a weight loss program with friends are 21% more likely to complete the program and 42% more likely to maintain their weight loss, so invite friends to participate in the Reboot 66 Challenge and cheer each other on! 


Our private Reboot 66 Facebook support community shares tips, workouts, recipes & more from influencers, doctors, our certified Wellness Pros, and your private Coach.


Invite friends to participate and join our support community for even more benefits. Best of all, you could win our annual Grand Prize as part of our Reboot 66® Contest!

Get Started!

No matter which path you choose, everybody gets: 

Metabolic Reboot Guide – The entire program guide complete with the 9 daily rituals and progress tracker

Support Community – Free access to our ongoing support in our community including tips, workouts, recipes & more from influencers, doctors and your private coach.

A Chance to Win Weekly Prizes – The chance to weekly prizes such as workout gear, tech and supplements could be yours by simply participating in the program.


Your Digital Accountability Tracker
$ 4
Lifetime Access
  • Metabolic Reboot Guide
  • Support Community
  • Win Weekly Prizes
  • Track on the go
  • Easy Checklists
  • Daily Reminders
  • Store and Analyze Progress
  • Share and Motivate
Best Value


Metabolic Reboot Guide PDF
  • Metabolic Reboot Guide
  • Support Community
  • Win Weekly Prizes


It’s simple, rewarding, and FUN to finally achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. What are you waiting for?

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